About Us

CatvScope Co. Ltd is a CATV supplier and facilitator specialized in fiber optic communication products, providing the best products solutions. Our products range from the basic components to end products, including passive and active categories. Our major products include CATV headend, digital headend, FTTH cable, coaxial cable; and all kinds of accessories needed for the network construction are available including optical receiver, optical transmitter, amplifier and CATV network terminal equipment and devices. 

  We have a professional team with eight-year industry procurement and quality control experience and an engineer team with sixteen-year work experience. we devote to providing end-users with fiber optic cables that are easy and economical to install, provide a high degree of reliability and offer outstanding performance characteristics.

  We offer a comprehensive products selection and quality control service to the fiber optic products customers in the three nets combination regions. Our one-stop electronic shop provides thousands of highest cost-effective products from the best Chinese factories as well as some well-known brands for engineering contractors and large retailers.

  We constantly screen the Chinese fiber optic equipment market in a search of the most efficient product solutions available. We supply products of a consistent quality, with fast and on time delivery at competitive prices. Our engineering team monitors the manufacturing process and inspects products before shipment. To serve our customer better, we have established a professional quality control team to provide reliable and competitive products, and our customer service team is always ready to consult you on all the issues related to our products.

  We have won the trust of our major customers market (Eastern Europe, central Europe, South America, North America, Southeast Asia and South America) by our rich experience, quality service and comprehensive quality control system.